Doorbell rang? Who’s at the front door?

An intercom system fitted on your front door bell or in your gate can make it easy for you. Through audio intercom system, you can ask and confirm who rang the bell and gives you the power to decide whether to open the door or not. Thus you can save your time and effort. 

A monitor fitted to it can give the privilege of video intercom system. Through this, you can get the opportunity to see who is at the front door before opening the door. This can prevent you from opening the door to strangers and protect your family. This can also help your children to see whether it is you at the door before opening it. Thus you can provide your family an extra security.

Many varieties are available 

Both audio and video intercoms are in great use for houses, apartments and office. In houses, it can be used to communicate with others in other rooms. In an apartment, it is helpful to check any intruders in the premises. In office, the intercom system fixed on the boss’ room can help him to monitor his employees and talk with them and track their mode of work. This can improve the efficiency and can also save time and you can use your extra time for more fruitful business.

Lots of varieties of speakers and monitors are available presently. Touch screens are ruling the video intercom system. Wired and wireless intercom connections are available. Also wifi, burglars alarm, fire alarm and other complicated features are available. You need to choose according to your need, to avoid complicated ones for ease of use and also that suits your budget.

Plan properly before installing

To avoid fixing the speaker or monitor in unwanted or unseen places, plan properly before installing, so that you will be able to recognise the face of the person next to it. If your house or office place is under construction, it is easy to pre plan the perfect and appropriate space for the intercom. Thus you can control the strange intruders or burglars in your property.

Wireless intercoms are useful to install in preexisting buildings. If your building is under construction, then it is better to go for hard-wired because there won’t be any tension of loss of range or signal. If installed in room then make sure that your kids face and activities can be viewed clearly.